What can we do for you?

Impactfully specializes in working with non-profits. Our team is made up of specialists that can help in many different areas. From marketing tasks to administrative tasks to even project management, our experts can expand your resources so you can get more done.

Scheduling and Calendar Management

One of the most significant productivity gains that you can enjoy right away is letting go of your calendar management. By having your assistant manage your calendar, you will feel like you've gained an extra five hours a week. No more back and forth and "when are you free?" emails. Just loop in your assistant and let meetings magically appear on your calendar without your intervention.

  • Booking meetings
  • Managing conflicts and re-scheduling
  • Meeting confirmations and followups
  • Travel arrangements and booking
  • Inbox management ongoing or during vacations

Administrative Assistance

We can take care of all of your general administrative needs.

  • Answer calls (via virtual receptionist)
  • Meeting minutes
  • Reporting
  • Formatting and proofreading documents
  • Place orders
  • Travel arrangements

Graphic Design

Our team can help with a multitude of graphic design needs.

  • Report design
  • Newsletter design
  • Brochure/mailer creation
  • Images for social media
  • Website imagery and campaigns
  • Blog post images
  • Print design

Social Media Management

Need help managing social media? Let our team handle the details of keeping social properties active and maintained with content from your website. Better yet, we post with personality and a human voice so you can project a professional yet personal presence.

  • Regular content posted on major platforms
  • Event-specific promotions and announcements
  • Creation of post images and custom text overlays
  • General social media advertising campaign setup

Project Management

One of the biggest challenges to non-profit efficiency is project management. How often do you hold committee meetings made up of volunteers full of great ideas but with lack of followup and organization? A project management from Impactfully can dramatically increase the speed at which work gets done.

  • Join committee meetings and take notes
  • Identify action items and document next steps
  • Manage project management tools and assign followups
  • Check in on due dates and prompt action
  • Organize communication between parties to keep everything flowing

Non-profit Bookkeeping

Basic bookkeeping can be a struggle for many non-profits. You need to keep QuickBooks Online up to date but you lack the time to keep up with it, and paying an accounting firm can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. Let our team handle it.

  • Categorize and organize transactions on a regular basis
  • Manage basic tasks like creating pledges/invoices and managing expenses
  • Creating current financial reports for board meetings

Non-profit Strategy

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. What should your marketing plan look like? Which tactics are most effective in fundraising and event promotion? What's the best software for online donations? Our team includes strategists with deep non-profit experience who can provide guidance and expertise to help you at a strategic level.

  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Consult on technology and marketing approach
  • Consult on productivity and process
  • Provide reporting and metrics for board and other stakeholders
  • Assist with goal setting, team expansion, opportunities and other organizational concerns