About Impactfully

What is Impactfully?

We are a "plug and play" service that provides back-office support and team augmentation for your non-profit.

Non-profit life is crazy. You have a million things to get done and not enough people to do it. You could hire more people but this eats into your budget that you're working so hard to maintain. Help!

This is where we come in. For a fraction of what it would cost to make individual hires, we supply you with the tactical roles you need to expand and further your mission. We provide a team that covers things like content creation, graphic design, marketing support, event planning, CRM maintenance, bookkeeping, calendar management, social media management, project management and more.

Even better, we handle the training and professional development of your team so they can hit the ground running from day one.

Our team integrates tightly with your non-profit so they become part of your team.

If all this sounds dreamy, let us reassure you... it is. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help your non-profit do more with less.